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aggieTEACH has special opportunities for students in many departments and colleges within the university. The program has collaborations campus wide and can help configure degree plans that will allow students to complete their math- or science-related degree and obtain teacher certification in the traditional four years of college. Upon successful completion this would allow students to teach mathematics science in grades 7-12 in Texas.

Math and science teachers are in high demand in the state of Texas and as such, earning a valid Texas Teaching Certificate will expand the employment options available to students upon graduation. For the last five years, all aggieTEACH graduates who chose to teach after graduation have been employed – oftentimes they secure employment before they graduate from Texas A&M University. Also, some of our graduates find employment in school districts that offer a starting salary of $50,000 plus a monetary bonus just for teaching math or science. Texas school districts love to have Aggie teachers in their schools and they often hire Aggies before anyone else.

Teaching is a noble and rewarding profession. aggieTEACH will allow your students to impact future generations by teaching a subject they love and expanding high school students’ science content. aggieTEACH is an excellent way to for your students to give back to society, help others, and influence young lives. We encourage you to educate your students on the opportunities aggieTEACH offers and how it can impact their career options upon graduation.

While in aggieTEACH, students will have the opportunity to observe and teach in a number of diverse settings. Most aggieTEACH students work within the local school districts, but there are opportunities to take field trips to charter schools in urban areas, special seminars and trainings to better prepare them for the teaching field. We also encourage students to get involved in leadership positions within aggieTEACH. By the time our students start their first teaching job they will have logged over 120 hours of observations and 560 hours of clinical teaching. We do our best to ensure they are ready for the profession. In aggieTEACH 88% of our teachers have stayed in the profession for at least four years. This gives aggieTEACH a 12% attrition rate which is vastly better than national rates that are estimated at 50%. Our efforts in aggieTEACH seem to be keeping our teachers in the profession.

First Steps and Admission Requirements

All aggieTEACH students start by taking SCEN 201. This is a one credit-hour introductory class that allows students to explore the teaching profession and make a more informed decision on whether they want to pursue profession. Those who wish to continue must fill out an application and meet all of the following requirements: 1) B average or better in introductory courses of certification area (i.e. MATH 171 and 172 for Mathematics Certification), 2) overall GPA of 2.75** or higher, 3) complete SCEN 201 with B or better, 4) have at least three semesters left at TAMU as an undergraduate, 5) have a minimum of 15 hours in the content courses required for certification, 6) have 2.5 GPA in content courses, and 7) have between 30 and 80 college credit hours.

Applied Learning in STEM Education Minor

Those students who are accepted in aggieTEACH declare the Applied Learning in STEM Education Minor. This is an 18 hour minor and we suggest students take the STEM minor courses in the following order:

  • INST 222 and RDNG 465 – sometime during the sophomore year
  • TEFB 322 – 1st semester junior year
  • TEFB 324 – 2nd semester junior year
  • INST 210 – 1st semester senior year
  • TEFB 406/407 – the last semester of coursework, just prior to the semester for clinical teaching (typically 1st semester senior year)
With new Texas laws on the horizon, the suggested course sequence for the minor may change.  Stay tuned to this website for updates.

Clinical Teaching

The culminating phase of aggieTEACH is student teaching. This is a time when aggieTEACH students spend 14 weeks (or 70 full time days) in an assigned Texas school working side by side with an experienced teacher. This apprenticeship-type opportunity allows our students to gain beneficial insight into the teaching profession while getting much-needed hands-on classroom experience that enables them to feel the real impact and true excitement of teaching! It is pivotal to note that during this phase, students cannot take any classes at TAMU – they must have met all the requirements of their degree except the completion of their elective hours. The credit hours they earn in their student teaching experience can be used as elective hours toward the student’s degree.

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